Bursa Metropolitan Municipality carries out a vast range of cultural activities to protect, preserve, promote and to transfer the values of Bursa to future generations. In order to make a contribution to increase artistic, cultural reproduction, art level and consciousness of community, the primary objective of Department Cultural and Tourism of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is organizing national and international activities devoted to representation and advertisement.
The museums are doubtlessly one of the most important places to make cultural accumulation in community’s minds. With museum projects implemented in the scope of Department of Culture and Tourism of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality pioneering applications of modern museum consciousness which has been applied newly especially in Turkey, started to have been carried out. The museums taking place within Bursa Metropolitan Municipality are aimed to be institutions which always keep their vitalities by not only being watched but also being shared, open to learning and public cooperation, periodical exhibitions, activities, meetings, conferences, workshop and educational works.
The investments Bursa Metropolitan Municipality made on museums, works about museums, and the importance that Contemporary Drama Association gave to the subject caused to be joined of these two associations, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

Aim of both organizations is to change the opinion that museums are place where people wait for a long time in the queues and see only materials. Instead they aim to make museums places which think with the community, produce, live and are open for interaction. For this reason, 27th International Creative Drama in Education Congress titled “Living Museum” has become a common Project.
Contemporary Drama Association was founded by people working in the fields of educational sciences, art and art education in 5 March 1990.
The main aim of association is to develop and generalize creative drama in theatre, education and social life as a method and discipline. For this purpose, the association focuses on connection between education and theatre, making national and international activities on academic level such as seminars, courses, publications, conferences, consultancy etc. and also training teachers and instructors by giving them in service training to train instructors on creative drama field on each step of education including universities.
The aim of all these works is training all participative individuals in a more creative, contemporary, democratic way also make them have a peaceful mind and at peace with others who can make critical thinking.

Contemporary Drama Association has been an active member of Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Spiel und Thaeter e.V (short named BAG Spiel und Thaater e.V) and International Drama / Theatre and Education Association (short named IDEA) since 2005. Association has been initiated to Europe Drama Meetings Association” European Drama Encounter” short name EDERED and organized the meeting in Turkey in year 2012. Association making projects such as group exchanges including students and instructors who are experts in their fields with support of these institution.
Association which especially targets to make creative drama well known and generalize in Turkish Education System, took over Creative Drama Seminars in International Education which was held in 1985 for the first time since 1990 and also has been arranging the seminars annually which were organized biennially, and sometimes twice a year in the direction of requests from branches or representative agencies. The purpose of these seminars making the leaders of creative drama from different countries to share their field information and experience with experts of our country. Until today, many experts from countries such as Germany, England, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Ireland, USA, Belgium, Finland took in charge in these seminars and congress.
The main theme of the 27th International Creative Drama In Education Congress which will be held together with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality between dates 02 – 05 March 2017, has been identified as “Living Museum and Drama.”

Why Musemum?

““Place” not only the component of drama but also component of dramatic fiction. “Place” as component of creative drama describes where the session will be held. A creative drama can be held in each kind of environment which lets free motion. The usage of creative drama as a discipline and interdisciplinary usage as a method and implementations originating from educational and esthetical requirements of different fields. One of these places is “Museum”.
Museums are where objects such as art objects, ethnographic objects belonging to a community or a culture, archaeological findings belonging to a civilization or some materials within the scope of a definite theme (toy, communication or technology) exhibited. As well as exhibition function, museums are also learning places. Creative drama is used to teach the subjects which are irrelevant to drama by using its own techniques.

Creative drama takes the learner to its center and makes the learner live the realities in fiction world by undertaking some roles. By this way, the learner learns about himself and also about his environment in a nature and active way and makes self-realization. Creative drama is also one of the methods being used in museum education. With this method, fictional worlds can be created suitably to museum’s content. So a learner in the museum can imagine the reality of a historical era. So, participator recognizes the museum learning by experience and in an interactive way; and learns actively about museum by combining his knowledge with his experiences.