27th Creative Drama Congress in International Education offers 3 different program options for participation in workshops. There are 12 participants in the first option, 6 hours in the second option and 3 hours in the third option.

It is not possible to participate in two different programs at the same time.

Program 1 (12 Hour Workshops ‘’Main Workshops’ )

Workshop 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 One can become a participant.
Workshop Days [Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday]
(3+3+3+3=12 hour)

Program 2 (6 Hourly Workshops ‘’First Step Workshops’ )

Workshop 11,12,13, 14 and 16′ One can become a participant.
Atölye Günleri [Cumartesi Tam Gün]
Workshop Days [Saturday Full Day]

Program 3 (3 Hourly Workshops ‘’Called Workshops’’)

Workshop 15 Participation will be possible.
Workshop Day [Saturday]
(3 hour)